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Questions Without Answers

At different times in our grieving process we may find ourselves looking for answers, wondering if we are losing our minds, wondering if others have struggled with similar concerns and questions. We do not offer any answers. Although you may find it helpful to discover how group members have chosen to deal with certain issues relevant to you.

We offer these questions in support of your own unique expression of grief. We, too, have been and continue to be seeking answers to questions that may not have answers:

"Why canít I cry?"

"Why canít I stop crying?"

"What if I hadnít listened to the doctor and trusted myself more?"

"Why would God take such a beautiful, loving child?"

"How do I answer when asked ďhow many children do you have?Ē

"How do I reconcile my religious and/or spiritual beliefs with the death of my child?"

"I know my husband loved our son as much as me; why isnít he showing it?"

"Iím so angry Ė at everybody and everything. How long will this last? Is it normal?"

"These things are not supposed to happen to good, faithful people. How can this be true?"

"Why didnít I see this coming?"

"How could I have missed my daughterís symptoms?"

"Why didnít I push harder; I knew this could happen?"

Greater Baltimore Chapter
The Compassionate Friends
P.O. Box 9832
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