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Butterfly Angels
Hope, Health, Healing after the Death of a Child
"No matter their age ... No matter the cause"
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Special Events

in November

GriefWorks sponsors a healing walk each year in the tranquil setting of Brookside Gardens, at Wheaton Regional Park, to offer a reflective time to honor the deep and aching wounds of grief and loss. As you take the path to healing, decide what it is that YOU want to have happen - forgiveness, freedom from inappropriate guilt, a closure on some part of your past, or just a connection with other hurting people? The walk is free. rain or shine). Begin at the Visitor Center, where you will be given a written guide suggesting how to use the walk through the gardens in a helpful way. There is no need to pre-register, no T-shirts, no pins, just show up! GriefWorks.com.

Candlelight Remembrance Service
in December.

Our Children Remembered, will be held in memory of our children who have gone before us. During the service there is a reading of the names of our children represented by this group. During the reading of names, each family will light a candle for their child(ren). Families are invited to read a story, a poem, sing a song or play music in honor of their child. Families are also invited to create a decorative butterfly with their child s name on it. Bring your special butterfly to be included in Madeline s Butterfly Garden. This precious garden adorns the hallway into the Chapel. Inspired by the following true story, this garden is dedicated to Abigail and Madeline. Here s Madeline s story:

Inspired by the following true story, this is dedicated to Abigail and Madeline. Here s Madeline s story:

Madeline s Butterflies

Every year TCF has a memorial service in December to honor and remember all of our children. In 2003, I brought my daughter Madeline who was 2 years old. We were going to remember her twin sister Abigail, who was stillborn.

We were running late, as usual, and were the only ones walking down the hallway to the Chapel. The hallway had bare white walls with no decorations anywhere. As I was rushing to get inside the Chapel, Madeline stopped in the middle of the hallway and said, "Mommy, look at all the butterflies." I asked her where they were, and she said they were everywhere.

I know she was seeing the spirit of her sister and of all our children who are always with us. It's comforting to think that they all know each other as well. I like to think that they can look out for each other in the same way that my TCF sisters and brothers look out for me.

Sharon, mother to Abigail and Madeline

Madeline with her mothers- Sharon and Maureen, on December 6, 2004

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